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Rogue Hero

When people think of a hero, they often think of fictional characters like Superman or Wonder Woman. At RCC, we think of heroes as people who make a positive impact in the lives of those around them with actions both big and small. We see examples of these heroic acts every day from RCC faculty and staff. 

With our own heroes in mind, the Rogue Hero Campaign took shape in 2011 replacing the college's previous annual faculty and staff fundraising campaign (RCC Cares!) In the first year of the Rogue Hero Campaign, RCC employees contributed nearly $45,000 in support of college programming, projects and students with 73 percent of employees participating.

Over the last 5 years, RCC employees have donated more than $175,000 in support of the college through the annual fall campaign. These funds are held by the RCC Foundation and benefit the college, its students and programs at the direction of each Rogue Hero donor.

This Year's New Goal: The RVC, RWC, and TRC Scholarship Funds
While we always strive for 100% employee participation, the goal for the 2014-15 Rogue Hero campaign is to establish three new student scholarship awards benefiting students from each of RCC's campuses.

Named for each campus, the RVC, RWC and TRC Scholarship Funds will be awarded to students nominated by RCC faculty and staff. Each year, the foundation receives multiple requests from college faculty and staff to assist students in need of financial assistance. Creation of three campus specific scholarships will provide college staff with the means to help those students. Once the funds have been created through Rogue Hero donations, a selection committee will be compiled of RCC faculty and staff and the nomination process will open. Do you want to help? Contact the RCC Foundation to learn more.

Ready to Give? Get the Rogue Hero Pledge Form and Fund Options Here.

Have Questions? Contact the RCC Foundation about the Rogue Hero Campaign. Email Our Staff.

PDF - Rogue Hero Pledge Form   ROGUE HERO PLEDGE FORM 2013-14 - FILLABLE.PDFSpacer(550.9KB)

PDF - Rogue Hero Fund Options   ROGUE HERO FUND OPTIONS.PDFSpacer(545.8KB)

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